• Plans
    General showcases with our address in the following format: name.mybill.ru
    One project
    Agreement Offer
    Connection is free of charge
    Minimum amount of showcase refill is 20 000 rubles.*
    The monthly fee is 20 000 RUR per month, starting from the 3rd month**

    Your own showcase with individual design and your address of any format
    Special offers from partner shops
    Any number of projects
    Individual Agreement
    Possibility to connect additional options
    All terms and conditions are individual

    *Remaining balance of the showcase unused within one calendar year from the moment of top-up is reset
    **In case of late payment, the account is blocked and will be unblocked with one-time fee equal to your monthly fee. If the account is blocked for more than one month, the account is archived, including data on transactions, customers, showcases, etc. If it is technically possible, deleted information can be restored at a later date, at a cost equal to the monthly fee for the “Advanced” tariff plan.