• API. Create customers & accrue bonus points addBonusExt
    This command is intended for automatic addition of customers and bonus points for them. In this case, the organizer is given the opportunity to indicate additional information about the customer.


            "info":"Additional information"
Request parameters:
Object AddBonus:

Request parameters:
Object AddStatus:
Object Error:
Questions / Answers:

1. How much time will pass from the transfer of the identifier to the registration of the customer?
1.1. The creation of a customer occurs instantly.

2. Is it possible that the customer will go to the showcase to complete the registration, but there will not be any customer data yet?
2.1. Registration is carried out immediately at the time of data transfer, and no additional action is required to create an account from the customer. In the event that oneTouchAuth is not used, the customer only comes up with a password for logging into an account that has already been created. If you use oneTouchAuth, then you do not have to come up with a password for the customer.
2.2. The situation where the customer cannot enter the account, which is currently "created", if, of course, this does not happen simultaneously.